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The basics of running a small gym.

  • 2 Administrators
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Schedules and bookings
  • Basic Billing
  • App for clients and admin
  • Workout management 1.0
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For gyms with big dreams and the desire to be in complete control.

  • Basic pack included
  • 5 Administrators
  • Advanced Billing
  • Messaging
  • Workout management 3.0
  • Digitized contracts
  • Web Integration
  • Statistics and reports
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For gyms that are ready to grow and take advantage of their full potential.

  • Basic pack included
  • Pack Plus included
  • +10 Administrators
  • Programmable tasks
  • Penalty system
  • Additional reservations
  • Collection automation
  • Online shopping and payments
  • Advanced reports
  • Service management
  • CRM + Loyalty Resources
  • Recurring products
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Frecuently Asked Questions

If you charge by the number of clients and we are a very large center, will it be very expensive?
No no. It's true that we charge for active customers but only so that those centers that are starting out have a fee that is very proportional to their income. If you have a center with many clients, Be Madbox only charges for the first 150 clients and the rest come out free.
How does it work if at the beginning of the month I have a number of customers and at the end of the month I have a different number of customers?
This is very easy to manage, our system will calculate it automatically to charge you the proportional part of these customers who have not been there the whole month.
Is there any initial cost?
NO, don't worry! We will create your schedules, your rates, import your customers and customize the software to fit your business at no cost.
But changing software is very laborious, isn't it?
It doesn't have to be! After many changes we've found a way to make it easy for you and your customers.
Is there a minimum duration contract?
No! The best thing about our service is that you can cancel it whenever you want and change your plan at any time without having to explain yourself.

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